Tips for Picking a Foam Dispenser Pump

The Foam Dispenser Pump will dispense liquid or foaming soap, so it's important to know what type of soap your Foam Dispenser Pump is made for. Both types of soap are sold in liquid form. However, foaming soap turns into a lather when dispensed and requires a special pump to do it. The Foam Dispenser Pump can handle thicker liquids than foaming soaps.

Foaming soaps are already mixed with air, so less water is needed to lather. Foaming soaps may last longer because handwashing takes less time than liquid soaps. If you have two Foam Dispenser Pumps of the same size, the Foam Dispenser Pump may take longer to refill.

Most Foam Dispenser Pumps can sit on the counter, so look for a flat, sturdy surface near the sink. If counter space is limited, look for the wall-mounted Foam Dispenser Pump.

Different Foam Dispenser Pumps can hold different amounts of liquid soap. If your household is large, or the dispenser is likely to be heavily used, consider purchasing a dispenser with a larger capacity that won't require frequent refills. For smaller homes or less used ones, capacity isn't as important.

Another thing to check is how much soap is dispensed each time. Some Foam Dispenser Pumps allow you to adjust this setting to make the soap last longer. This is also a useful feature for families as you can control how much soap your kids use so you don't waste too much!

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