The Working Principle of Perfume Spray Pump

Ladies spray perfumes and air fresheners using sprays. Sprays are widely used in the cosmetics industry. The different spray effects directly determine the user's experience. The spray pump, the main tool, plays a vital role. In this article, we briefly describe the basic knowledge of the packaging material category of perfume spray pumps.

The spray pump, also known as the sprayer, is the main accessory product for cosmetic containers and one of the content dispensers. It uses the principle of atmospheric balance to spray out the liquid in the bottle by pressing, and the high-speed flow of liquid will also drive The gas flow near the nozzle orifice makes the speed of the gas near the nozzle orifice increase and the pressure decreases, forming a local negative pressure zone. Thus, the ambient air is mixed into the liquid to form a gas-liquid mixture, and the liquid produces an atomization effect.

1. Molding process

The bayonet on the spray pump (half bayonet aluminum, full bayonet aluminum), the screw is all plastic, but some are covered with a layer of aluminum cover, a layer of anodized aluminum. Most of the internal parts of the spray pump are mainly made of PE, PP, LDPE and other plastic materials, which are molded by injection molding. Among them, glass beads, springs and other accessories are generally purchased from outside.

2. Surface treatment

The main components of the spray pump can be applied to vacuum plating, anodized aluminum, spraying, injection molding and other methods.

3. Graphic processing

Both the nozzle surface and the surface of the mouthpiece of the spray pump can be printed with graphics and text. It can be operated by hot stamping, silkscreen and other processes. However, in order to keep it simple, it is generally not printed on the nozzle.

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