Working Principle of Fine Mist Pump

Let's take a look at a plastic fine mist sprayer-commonly used in personal care and cleaning products, it provides fine mist sprays when consumers dispense the product. Keep in mind that there are hundreds of unique designs that may require components that are different from the ones we show here, but this article will provide you with the principle of making the "fine mist sprayer" work and a general idea of ​​how to convert a liquid stream into a mist .

These are the components of the fine mist sprayer:

1. Dust cover: The dust cover is usually made of PP plastic, usually in a transparent form, used as a dust cover and a safety cover, which can protect the actuator from accumulating dust and prevent accidental startup. To help the package stand out on the shelf, the dust cover can be produced in stock or customized colors.

2. Actuator: usually made of PP plastic, this is the component that consumers press to spray the product out of the bottle. Unlike the actuator on the lotion pump, the actuator of the fine mist sprayer has an internal component that includes an insert to create a specific atomization pattern of the product to be sprayed. Some fine mist sprayers have a locking function to prevent accidental dispensing.

3. Insertion: This tiny component is composed of channels through which liquid flows to form a mist-like pattern. In many cases, this plug-in can be installed on the outside of the actuator, and it is the part where the product leaves the sprayer.

4. Closure: A component that fixes the entire component on the bottle. It is usually made of PP plastic and can have many surface treatments or designs-including ribbed, smooth, matt or shiny treatments. In some cases, metal shells can also be used to further increase the shelf appeal of the packaging. The component should have industry standard neckwear.

5. Gasket: The outer gasket is used as a compressible seal to seal the bottle cap on the bottle's land to prevent leakage. Depending on the product/chemical composition, different gasket materials need to be used, and the gasket is a key component and must be tested to ensure compatibility. It can be customized using BUNA, neoprene, plastic rubber, LDPE and other different materials.

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