How do Lotion Pumps Squeeze out Liquid?

Lotion pumps are generally called hand sanitizer pressure pumps. It can be used almost everywhere in life, such as cosmetics, skincare products, detergents, detergents, etc., many. When using it, we first discharge the air in the reservoir (that is, the plastic tube that can absorb the shampoo) by pressing. When the air is exhausted, press the pump head again. After letting go, the spring in the pump head To restore the original state, a vacuum will be formed in the liquid storage chamber, and negative pressure will be generated. At this time, the pressure in the container is consistent with the atmospheric pressure. Then, the pressure in the liquid storage chamber is low and the pressure in the container is high. , Due to the pressure difference, the atmosphere will press the liquid around the mouth of the liquid storage cavity into the liquid storage cavity, which gives the impression that the liquid is sucked up by the pump head.

The specific principles are as follows:

1. First press--When we first press the press head, the press head compresses the spring together through the connected main column and auxiliary column; in the process of compressing the spring, the outer wall of the piston rubs against the inner cavity wall of the body to prompt the piston to open the auxiliary column. Material hole; When the piston slides down, the air in the body is discharged through the discharge hole of the auxiliary column that has been opened;

2. Press back and forth many times-exhaust all the air in the body;

3. Liquid suction---press the head by hand to pass the main column, sub-column, piston, and the common compression spring to expel the air in the body, then loosen the head. The spring loses pressure and moves back (up). At this time The piston also moves down by rubbing the inner wall of the body to close the discharge hole of the auxiliary column; at this time, the liquid storage cavity in the body forms a vacuum suction state, sucks the glass ball upwards, and sucks the liquid in the bottle into the body through the straw In the reservoir.

4. Store liquid-press the head several times, and store the liquid in the body through multiple suction until the liquid is full.

5. Liquid discharge--When the liquid in the main body's liquid storage cavity is full, press the head again and the liquid will be sprayed directly from the nozzle through the discharge hole.

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