How to Use Nasal Spray Pump Safely?

As pollution becomes more and more serious, and the seasons change faster and faster, the weather often changes as soon as it changes. Therefore, more and more people are plagued by colds and their noses will be blocked. So, smart Of humans have designed nasal sprayers, but many people have big doubts about how to use nasal sprayers, or they don’t know the correct way to use them, so let us take a look today, How to use a nasal spray, What is the correct way to use it.

Nostril sprayer is a special tool used to carry out nasal washing with normal saline. The key is the electric sprayer nasal washing device. The nose is a very high-precision and dexterous human organ. It needs careful maintenance. It is an inevitable trend in the real life of contemporary people to persistently clean the nostril every day. The nostril can be cleaned to eliminate various environmental pollution and pathogenic bacteria adhering to the nostril to prevent infectious diseases. The key is to apply post-operative care for rhinitis, sinusitis, diffuse simple rhinitis, allergic rhinitis and various rhinitis operations.

The following are the steps to safely use a Nasal Spray Pump:

1.Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.

2.Blow your nose gently before using the spray.

3.Hold the bottle with your thumb at the bottom and the first two fingers at the top on either side of the nozzle. Prime the pump bottle by spraying it into the air a few times.

4.Tilt your head slightly forward. Gently insert the nozzle tip into one nostril. Press on the other side of your nose with one finger to close off the other nostril.

5.Breathe in quickly while squeezing down on the pump bottle one time.

6.Repeat in another nostril.

7.Do not blow your nose right after using the spray.

8.Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.

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