How to Choose A Suitable Lotion Pump?

In 2020, the new coronavirus pneumonia swept the world, caused a great impact on the whole world, also caused many people to pay the cost of living. In this grim situation, the increase of public health investment and its importance, masks, protective supplies, disinfection supplies demand has increased dramatically.

As the accessories of the disinfectant bottles, the market demand for emulsion pumps is increasing rapidly. How to choose a suitable lotion pump is very important.

First, according to the emulsion pump raw materials and liquid compatibility selection

Must be able to pass through the Conformance testing.

Second, selection according to the range of pump output

Before the end product is on the market, there is a consumer survey link, basically, there will be a preliminary recommended usage. According to this amount of use, you can select the emulsion pump specifications, or pump out the number of integer pump out to the recommended amount of use. GENERAL: recommended usage = (1-2) * Pump output.

Third, choose according to the final packing form

Have confirmed the packaging capacity, and then according to the size of the packaging capacity, combined with the expected number of use, select emulsion pump specifications. The general use of a package is 100-300 times.

Fourth, according to the size of the lotion pump and bottle

The lotion pump and the bottle mouth generally take the screw tooth coordination primarily, in the profession has a general standard. General suppliers according to this standard to produce emulsion pump, customers choose emulsion pump according to this specification.

Fifth, selection according to the viscosity/fluidity characteristics of the stock solution

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