Correct use of Foam Dispenser Pump

If you use the foam soap dispenser for a long time, you may find that it does not work and no foam is produced. Do you want to know why there is no bubble? This article will answer this question.

In fact, there are several reasons that can cause this problem. First, you need to consider whether the soap dispenser pump is stuck. If the pump cannot be retracted, the pump may be locked and therefore appears to be stuck. Many soap dispensers will lock when you push the pump down completely and rotate it 90 degrees. You can unlock the pump by rotating the pump back to its working position. Otherwise, the spring may break. The spring is installed in the oil tank of the pump. To access it, you must be able to unscrew the reservoir from the lid. This is possible on bathroom dispensers, but not every plastic bottle dispenser.

Second, the pump seems to be running, but you don't have any soap. This may be because you are out of soap. Sometimes, you may shuttle through soap faster than expected without realizing that you are away from home. Another potential problem is that the distributor tube is too short or bent. The dispenser tube is plastic and easily damaged. Normally, they will not reach the bottom of the soap container. In some cases, the distributor tube is blocked. Soap can condense in the tube, effectively blocking it. To restore the operation of the pump, you need to relax this blockage.

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